Snapshot History of Golden West

The Golden West Central Service Chapter originated in 1965 with 25 members and was, at that time, called the Superior California Association of Central Supply Personnel. As the chapter progressed with additional members from Northern California, the Chapter's name was changed in 1971 to the Golden West Central Service Chapter of Northern California.  The first seminar hosted by GW was held in 1970 in Sacramento, California.  From 1970 to the present, the Golden West chapter has provided an annual educational seminar designed to aid all hospital personnel in understanding and keeping abreast of new technologies in the health care delivery system.  The Chapter has expanded from 1965 with 25 members to 350 members with seminar attendance at around 250 at each seminar. 

With the recognition of new technologies in central service, the Golden West chapter has instituted a certified Central Supply Technician program which entitles personnel to have a more extensive awareness of better patient care. The objectives of this organization are to foster co-operation and exchange of ideas among central service personnel in order to promote efficiency in facilities' central service staff and central service management.  Also, the chapter endeavors to encourage co-operation among hospitals and allied organizations in the health field in matters pertaining to central service and to encourage and assist all central service members to develop their knowledge to increase their effectiveness in their central service departments.


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